Small Wonders

Chloe / Small Wonders
Chisolm, MN

-Chloe is a young lady with down syndrome and Small Wonders Arts is her own home-grown business. Chloe combines purchased and found beads to make pretty dangle earrings in a dazzling array of colors.
Chloe comes from a family of artists, musicians, and performers, so creativity is the air she breathes! She lives at home and is assisted in the business nuts and bolts of her enterprise by her mom and older sister.

Chloe loves many activities. She has performed on stage, is learning to play the guitar and tin whistle, and enjoys riding horses. Spending time with her family and friends is the center of Chloe's life. She has a favorite chihuahua named Munchkin.

Chloe believes that all good gifts come from God. And we believe Chloe is that gift to our family. We hope you enjoy her artistry!