The Art of Possible

Kelly Greenwald / The Art of Possible
Ross, CA


 Kellie Greenwald's inspiring autobiography is written with straightforward sincerity. She invites readers of all ages & interests to celebrate life with her as she chronicles events and emotions that each of us may experience. Getting to know Kellie is to understand that the face of Down Syndrome is another precious face of humanity, different, & yet the same. Kellie's illustrations are as appealing & inviting as Kellie herself. Her drawings express the sparkling vitality of her personality as they graphically complement her text. Kellie is a true colorist. With an innate sense of composition she renders her drawings with elegant simplicity. Kellie loves introducing herself to us &, as we read the last page, we feel as if we've been given a great big literary hug that is straight from her heart. Kellie's Book is a source of hope for people with developmental challenges, their families, extended families, providers, & educators. It is a testament to the fact that when children know they are utterly loved & supported, there is no end to what they can achieve & no end to what they give back by uplifting the lives of those around them. Part of sales proceeds are being donated to The Cedars of Marin, a facility for adults with developmental disabilities.