26 Shirts

Doing the EEExpo in Buffalo in October, we were introduced to many great grass roots organizations that while not owned or run by individuals with disabilities, provide some awesome support and lifestyle opportunities for the same. We've decided to include them on the website using the tag "Lifestyle Resources" in addition to the regular search tags. Definitely worth your time, check them out!

26 Shirts 
26 Shirts c/o You and Who, Inc.
2495 Main St., Suite 516
Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: 716-427-4514
Twitter: @26shirts / @26shirtsCHI / @26shirtsPIT
Facebook: 26Shirts / 26ShirtsCHI / 26ShirtsPIT
Instagram: @26shirts / @26shirtsCHI / @26shirtsPIT

26 Shirts Sells different Buffalo Themed shirts to benefit local families and charities in need. The come out with a new style shirt and beneficiary every two weeks. To date they have raised over $500,000. They have also started to sell shirts in Pittsburgh and Chicago and will add more cities in the future.