DK Arts

Dylan Kuehl / DK Arts
Olympia, WA

PMB 2375
2103 Harrison Ave N
Olympia, WA 98501

Phone: Business Manager Terri Rose @ 360-701-9880


Dylan Kuehl is sole proprietor of DK Arts and a life-long resident of Olympia, Washington. An ambitious visual and performing artist, Dylan performs live in community dance events 2-3 times a year. He has won several art contests and has had his work published in numerous publications including the "Washington State Adolescent Transition Resource Notebook."

He is a Special Olympics gold medalist, studies modern, tap and hip-hop dance as well as martial arts and is a fierce rock-n-roll drummer.

An outspoken political activist, Dylan advocates for himself and others with disabilities, proving through his large life that Down syndrome is not the obstacle it is often perceived to be. His vision for DK Arts includes establishing an integrated dance company that features dancers with mixed abilities who collaborate as equals in the creation of dance.