What happens when the social media shares start to move down the timeline? What happens when the local TV stations move on to the next story? How will new people find out about these "Exceptional Entrepreneurs"?

We'd like to help...

Our goal is to be a permanent resource for the community at large to be able to find these businesses, to have the most updated information regarding these businesses and to be able to easily patronize these businesses no matter where they are. We're constantly searching for new businesses to list and stories to tell. We firmly believe that these "Exceptional Entrepreneurs" are worthy of your time and money, offering products and services that are comparable to any other business out there. 

The website is easily searchable via state and business type on both traditional computer and mobile devices, so take us with you.

If YOU know of an exceptional entrepreneur that YOU think we should list send us a quick email to exceptionalentrepreneurs@gmail.com with all the info you have. We'll do some research and get them up.


Lee Hartlieb / President and Founder / Exceptional Entrepreneurs of America